Duplicate files

hi all…my mycloud 3tb and my connected my book 2tb used for storing film,s and tv respectivly has just started showing some video files duplicated (both play as seperate files)…but through windows explorer just showing as one file…any idea,s anybody how to stop the dupe files showing?..thank,s G

Are you able to provide images of what is showing?

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cat0w (USA)

Might just be my iPad (not on PC at the moment) but I can’t see an option to upload/add a pic?

hi…best i could do…lol

first pic as my mycloud menu appear,s onscreen through my amazon fire tv box (also does the same on my smart tv in the bedroom) duplicate files?

second pic menu as it shows through explorer…no duplicate files???..any ideas on how to stop the dupes showing and playing???..just show through mycloud not mybook…thank,s graham.

I would try rebuilding the twonky database. I for get if this is in the UI or Twonky settings but I believe twonky which can be reached at httP;//mycloudip:9000

Lol…that probably explains it…I was messing about with twonky a few weeks ago…roughly about the time the dupe files showed up…I,ll try that…thank,s…G

also if they are in 2 different locations you won’t see them in explorer but will with DLNA unless you use folder view assuming your client has this option

Many thank,s …everything good now…re-built twonky dupe files gone now