Duplicate files

To save space I recently copied all of my ripped movies (DVD’s) from my iMac to an WD Elements external hard drive & sea gate external hard drive. I then connected the hard drive to my Smart TV. all of my files were ripped to .mp4, mkv etc format. My TV recognises and plays the files fine BUT I now have same amount of redundant duplicate files which start with ._ before the name, for example: (._GOODFELLAS.mp4). This is annoying as these duplicate files then appear at the top of my list of movies and do not play on my TV. When I connect the hard drive back to my iMac to try and delete these files, they do not appear to be on my hard drive at all.

Any ideas on how to find and delete these pointless duplicate files from my hard drive? I have lost the will to live trying to erase them, please help!!!

It would be best to contact the manufacturer of your TV since those files are being created by your TV. If this is how your TV was designed then those files will be added once again if you erase them.

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Thanks for reply

If someone wants to find and remove the duplicated files, you can try some program like DuplicateFilesDeleter, which I’d recommend.