Duplicate files showing up in My Cloud

Whenever I try to browse the content of my cloud through DLNA Media Server duplicate files are being shown. I have upgraded the firmware to latest version, tried re-scanning & rebuilding DLNA Database but still problem persists. Kindly help.

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More information is needed.

What content (video, audio, pictures) is being duplicated? What is the file format (mp3, mp4, jpg, etc.) of the file that is being duplicated?

What are you “browsing” the content of the My Cloud with? A DLNA client or Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder? If a DLNA client, what DLNA client are you using? A SmartTV? If so what model/brand?

Are there duplicate files listed when using a DLNA client like Windows Media Player?

Does Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder list multiple files?

Have you tried turning off the DLNA Media Server through the Dashboard > Settings > Media then turning it back on?

Have you looked at other threads that discuss duplicate file issues when using DLNA to see if there are any solutions in them? Here are a few of those earlier threads, there are others that can be found via a forum search:





Have you reviewed the Twonky FAQ to see if any of the recommendations in that thread fixes your problem?


How have you configured Twonky to look for media? See the ‘Sharing’ page in the Twonky UI.

Can you play the duplicates, or does one of them fail?

What sort of media files are duplicated? All of them? One media type? Just a few files?

Are you using any backup system with the MyCloud, that might be genuinely duplicating files?

Do you have any other media servers on your home network?

There are a number of reports of DLNA file duplication; you might have a read of some of them:


You might also benefit from careful configuration of the Twonky DLNA media server:

Duplicate files are shown only in UPnP client e.g. VLC player from Windows PC or any iPad/Android app & not in Windows Media Player/Windows Explorer.

Also from the duplicates only the first one is playable & not others. Almost all video types are duplicated.

What happens when you click the non-playable version?

I would suggest using a more explicit definition of the file searching (‘Sharing’ setting in twonky), to make it only look for videos in the area you use to store videos. See my first question above, and the FAQ.

Hi, did you ever resolve this problem? It’s starting to drive me crazy…

No idea if anybody else found the solution to this but if a folder has duplicate or ghost copies creating a new folder and moving all the files to the new one gets rid of them. Delete the old folder to allow changing the name of the new folder to one that can be recognised makes life a lot easier.