DUO + XBOX360 + DLNA + metadata

I was browsing videos on my xbox 360 and noted that the videos in the DLNA share on my DUO are categorized by things like Actor, Genre, etc… However, when I visit these folders maybe 1 or 2 movies out of a hundred or so will show up. I am assuming that my videos need to have some sort of metadata attached to them. So I’m wondering how I can do that. Is there a program that will assist with it? Can I get this info through IMDB?

Thanks a million

AFAIK the DLNA server does not support meta data…

Did you already tried to rebuild the media server?

On which folders are the files located? 

Did I rebuild the server? Yes. It didn’t change anything.

Which folders did I find the files that were listed? Not sure, but I’ll be sure to look into it. Maybe there is something special about those files. Maybe they have metadata embedded into their file container. Maybe it is external.

As to the “DLNA” server not supporting this… Maybe WD doesn’t support it. I’ve been searching the internet and it seems other media servers might support it. For example here is a quote from one called Mezzmo:


_ 4. File format support _

  Make sure that the media server supports all popular music, video and image file formats. This will ensure that your UPnP or DLNA-enabled device will be able to stream as many of your media files as possible.

Check that the media server can read and stream all popular subtitle files, such as .SRT, .SUB and .SMI, so you can watch TV shows and movies with subtitles.

Check that the media server can read external metadata and artwork files, such as mymovies.xml, series.xml, ThumbGen TGMD files, XMBC NFO/TBN files, folder.jpg, folder.png, {filename}.jpg and {filename.png}, so you can fully customize how your media files are displayed and streamed on your devices.