Duo 6TB constantly shows in Win7 64bit Device manager and unconfigured

Hello all,

I have my Duo 6TB for quite some time now and can use it without trouble besides it does not show up on my network as DLNA server anymore after a while and then needs to be restarted to be visible again.

But my current problem is a different one. I may have overseen it for a long time now but I recently learned that my devices shows up in Win7 64bit device manager as “My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage” in the category “other devices” and is not correctly installed as can be seen by the yellow exclamation mark beside it.

I already tried to automatically find drivers but it states “Device drivers could no be found” afterwards.

I also don´t see what drivers I should download from wdc.com as there are none for Win7.

Since my drive is working fine in other terms what is this device for in my computers device manager and how can I set it up correctly?

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Try to uninstall the drivers, restart the computer and reinstall them again.

Hello Alucard,

as I tried to point out there are no drivers for Win7 provided by WD for this drive since it is a network drive that should work without.

But even though the drives does show up in my device manager. Since it is not correctly configured due to missing drivers it is in the category other devices.

I can right click uninstall and restart windows but after reboot the device is recognized again and since drivers or whatever windows needs for it is not found its placed in the same category and with the yellow exclamation mark again :confused:

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New finding!

It seems like that the my book live duo is only found in the device manager by Windows 7 as decribe when my notebook is connected to the network via cabel.

It does not show the item via wireless.

So is there a special feature the drive can use when directly connected via cabel?