Dummy file

I still dont understand the purpose of the dummy file.

I used to create metadata from hub or use that other 3rd part tool [WDTVLiveMetadataLoader1.1.1] Then I would create the rest with TG. and rename the png to jpg after

now with the new TG

I create the metdata into the main moviesheet, add the thumbnail and folder… using he default theme in TG. I even mage it straight to jpg instead of renaming to jpg from png.

I also remove background[as I hate them]

Everything works fine with ot without the dummy file, so I opt for without it because to me it seems like a useless file.

What am I missing… with this process everything is 90% perfect [just need TG to include youtube trailers and it will be 100%]

So what am I missing with this dummy file?

dummy files is here  to act as a backup for the metadata…

Now what if your not using the dummy files and you’ve pressed get info by mistake on the hub while looking at the moviesheet??

The hub will simply overwrite the custom moviesheet and will replace it with a cover from themoviedb.org!

The dummy files is not a necessity!!! i have some folders in which there are no dummy files!

So if you do create the dummy file, it just sits there as a backup.

Now if you do press “get info” by accident. Does it overwrite the dummy file instead or the existing xml file?

If the xml file then do you just have to rename the dummy file to overwrite the accidental version?

hmm when pressing getinfo on the dummy file it should not be able to even find the meta data for the dummy file on themoviedb.com

as the dummyfiles is named as:


Themoviedb won’t ever find a movie name “movie.mkv_sheet” unless there’s a movie named like that!

Yeah it just sit there as a backup or as the moviesheet!!