Dumb New User Question on Streaming from WD MyCloud

Sorry if the level of dumbness in the following offends…

A while back I bought a  WD My Book Live Personal Cloud Storage 2 TB Network Attached Storage device for attaching to my home network thinking that it would (a) serve as an additional back up device and (b) a media server for mp3 and dvd. 

As a backup device it’s fine, and  as a media server to my iPad it’s fine. However I cannot get it to talk in any sensible way to my LG BP620 (Smart) Blu Ray Player which is in a wired connection in the home network.  It takes an age (start process, leave room, go to Waitrose, have lunch) to produce but a subset of the mp3 catalogue, and just will not show the DVD folders.

What should I be researching to try and work out what is going on, or should I simply give it up as a bad job and hunt down a more compatble Smart device? Is there something in the network - perhaps the router settings - that I should be looking at?

Thanks for any primers. 

For large mp3 catalogs, DLNA-based browsing can be very slow. Regardless of size, DLNA discovery, browsing and playback is depending on network bandwidth just like any file access. If you have optimized this already (you can assess this with simple file transfer testing using a computer connected instead of the BR player), you did what you could.

About browsing for DVD folders, it is most likely a limitation of the DLNA client, rather than the server.

Thanks for the reply. 

Hey ho, more to try ! 

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