Dumb?! cannot locate recycle bin on passport drive

I’ve deleted old files that are no longer on my hard drive but remained on the passport.    I want to dump them (clear out the files) but I cannot locate a recycle bin on the drive.  


There is not recycle bin on the external drive. If you want to delete files on your backup you will have to go into the backup folder and delete the files manually. 

Go into the drive and then find a folder called “WDSmartware.swstor”, this is the backup folder and all the backed up files are located here.


It’s also a good idea to empty the recycle bin on your desktop before removing the drive.


Ok thanks.  I was confused as other posts mentioned clearing out recycle bin for the drive.  None of the files I deleted showed up in my computer recycle bin.    So from what you say, the files I deleted are gone. Good.   What is the reason for empting the computer recycle before removing the drive? 

I have seen posts where people have had problems with the drive after deleting anf not emptying the recycle bin.


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I was wondering where to find the backed up files myself. Thanks a bunch!