Dual Drives From Two Different G-RAID Drives Compatible?

I just bought a new G-Technology 8TB G-RAID hard drive with the dual storage system.

My Studio G-RAID 8TB system housing unit will boot up the dual drives. I had a technician tell me the housing unit for this drive is not getting the proper wattage. I believe the two drives in this unit are working ok and that it is a power failure on the Studio G-RAID 8TB drive.

Can the two drives from the old Studio G-RAID work on the new G-Technology 8TB hard drive?

The G-RAID Studio and the current G-RAID removable line with TB2 and TB3 all use the same drive trays and can fit in each-others enclosures. the issue is that they use different RAID controllers and so if you plug them in, will not mount and the computer will prompt you to initialize/format the drives so that they can be used.

If you have data on the drives that you need to access then you will have to find yourself another G-RAID Studio enclosure in order to access that data.