Dual drive with RAID for Photos


I am not a computer pro so I need some guidance/help.

I am a photographer and want to attach an external drive to my lap top PC computer which:

  1. I can store my photos on

  2. When I say store I mean it would be like the regular drive in my laptom which I use to store and retreive my documents on a daily basis, except it would be where I keep my photos.  I would not store any photos on my computer harddrive  they would all be on the external drive.

  3. The drive must be a dual drive set up as a RAID drive.  That is:  one drive would be the “E” Drive and the other drive would be the “F Drive”.  I would use and store my photos on the E Drive however at the same time I store my photos on the E Drive they would automatically also be stored on the F Drive as a back-up.

  4. The drive would need to be a Terabite size drive, my photos are quite large in MB size, up to 150MB each

Which Drive do I need to get and would it be realitively easy to set up to do this?

If this cannot be done with a single drive how would I go about doing what I want to do?



I would recommending using 2 separate drives. The Raid should work in theory but may not be that simple to retrive data. something like a circuit board failing could make the drive unusable until it was repaired or replaced.You could use sync software to keep the 2 drives updates. MS has a free one SyncToy I use goodSync.


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