DTS Vs. AC3 files via WD Live Plus

The other day I went all out to compare DTS and AC3 files and how they sound on my system.

For this I used two setups:

– A WD LIVE Plus unit connected via HDMI to a Sherwood RD-8504 AVR with the HDMI monitor going to a Sony Bravia XBR something model :slight_smile:

– A WD LIve Plus unit connected via HDMI to a Vizio TV.

So, I captured some video clips from an outing.  I encoded it with Handbrake and made a nice MKV with no audio.

I opened Sound Forge and made 5 mono waves with music and narration.  Then I made an LFE mono wave from a track I borrowed from The Matrix LFE track to add the rumble and all that.

I got the 5.1 mono waves and using Minnentoka Surcode DTS encoder I made a DTS 5.1 file.  With the Surcode Dolby Digital encode I made an AC3 5.1 file.  I used, of course, the same 6 mono waves.

I added the DTS and AC3 files to the MKV file using MKVMerge.

Then I ran the MKV file via the first setup with the Sherwood and Sony.  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!  Now I can see why people are complaining about issues with DTS.  I am a BELIEVER :D  My whole room vibrated with sound when I switched to DTS track.  The AC3 track was fine but it was just FLAT surround sound.

So I thought about posting this, because I am SO IMPRESSED with DTS.  GEEEEEEZ!

On the second setup with WD unit connected via HDMI to the Vizio, both tracks were flat of course.  For DTS playback VIA TV I had to switch unit to Stereo for DTS to play via TV speakers in both setups as expected.

DTS is truly amazing.  I can not listen to any audio now via TV speakers :D  because I spoiled myself :)  Life, ladies and gentelmen, will never be the same after that.  Nirvana!