DTS Question For the Streaming Unit Help!

I own a WD Live right now, I was looking into buying a new model but I’m concerned about the DTS functionality.

About two years ago, after a firmware update, I read many warnings that WD removed some DTS functions so I never updated the Live unit after that. Everything works fine except that I can’t watch DVD container .vob files like I can with the first generation WD Player, but that’s about it.

While looking at the WD Live Streaming box in the store, I noticed the lable (dts 2.0+) I stopped right there and did not buy it.

Question, does the Streaming play 5.1 from mkv movie files out of the toslink like the old WD Live? I don’t have an HDMI capable sound processor, so that’s not an option. I just want to be sure that if I buy a new unit, that I don’t lose the surround sound that I have now.

B.T.W.- Does the Streaming play dvd folders without freezing after a few seconds?



I own a WD Player, and the WD Live

I want to buy the Live Streaming

I can only use the toslink for digital sound

Will I lose dts 5.1 surround?

Yes it does and supports DTS

You will need to connect that to a receiver through the toslink connection.

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