DTS problem plz look!

  He plays everything apart sound from DTS mkv files!!!

I saw a movie last week without a problem. I put a 5.1 Samsung HT-C350, which connects to an optical fiber. He plays everything now apart from DTS. I have tested without the 5.1 via HDMI to TV but he don’t playing sound from DTS files ONLY DTS files!!! The only way to play is to get in Stereo!!!

 ANY idea PLEASE!!!

The Samsung HT-C350 does not decode DTS audio.

Product page specs.

The only way to play those files is to set output to Stereo, as you have already discovered.

Another solution would be to run any MKV files with DTS audio through Popcorn MKV Audio Converter.  It will convert the DTS to Dolby Digital (AC-3 5.1) and output a new MKV.

Neither television now plays sound from DTS files via HDMI.

MOST televisions won’t decode (or even passthrough) DTS via HDMI.

Do you have one that is supposed to?

As Tony says, most TV sets are not capable of handling / decoding a DTS soundtrack.

When using HDMI with audio output set to Digital, the Live will (and should) try to bitstream the encoded DTS track.  Your TV will not play this but a DTS-capable AVR will.  

When using HDMI with audio output set to Stereo, the Live will downmix the DTS track to 2 channels and output them as uncompressed PCM audio, which your TV will be able to play.

Those are your 2 options, which I’ve just tested out using my Live and the latest firmware (1.03.49_V).  

I don’t think there’s a problem, just a small misunderstanding of what the Live does.  :)

Again, I’d encourage you to look into Popcorn MKV Audio Converter if you would like to hear your MKV files on your surround system.  Conversion does not take too long as it only touches the audio track.


Actually, could you confirm for us what file container you’re using?  MKV, MP4, AVI, etc.?

Is this program available for mac?

I don’t think it is available for Mac… all it is is basically a shell that calls other conversion programs.*

For instance, to convert an AAC track to an AC3 track first it calls MKVextract.exe to pull out the AAC track, then it calls FAAD.exe to convert the AAC to WAV, then it calls EAC3TO.exe to convert the WAV to AC3, and then re-muxes with MKVmerge.exe.  For DTS, I believe it just does the extract and then calls EAC3TO.exe to convert the DTS to AC3, and then re-mux.

So I don’t think it’d be able to be ported to Mac unless _ all _ the tools it calls have Mac versions.

*Knowing which has actually come in handy a couple of times.  The odd file it’s told me “There’s no convertable track”, so I’ve opened a Command Prompt window and called each program manually, and been able to convert the “stubborn” files myself.