DTS passthrough over HDMI to AVR

I’ve searched and not found any upto date threads about this.

I have just got WD TV Live today and updated the firmware as it sugested. I then wired it up HDMI to my AVR (Sony STR810)

The box replaces a Gen 1 WDTV, that I have had no issues with. yet all my .mkv files with a DTS sound track  can not be heard! swithed back to the Gen 1 box and all are fine. it just doesn’t pass DTS over HDMI.

I have passthrough over HDMI enabled, in manual with all formats ticked. if I untick DTS I do get a downmix (not much point of the 5.1 AVR then?)

Any Help on this one? 

First I’ve heard of it.   Every single WD box I’ve ever had does DTS passthrough fine for me…

BTW, are you sure you’re in the right forum?

This forum is for the 2009 model WDTV Live HD and 2010 model WDTV Live Plus.

The forum for the 2011 WDTV Live Streaming Media Player is here:


Thanks, yep I’m in the wrong place!:cry:

It seems my AVR was set to ‘AMP+TV’ so using TV speakers too (even though volume has always been set to zero)

This must have worked ok with the Gen1 WDTV, but the new WD didn’t like it! AVR Audio now set to AMP only.