DTS-HD Master becomming High Def standard

Is the WD Live ever going to support this? I’m tired of  having my backed up Blu-Rays getting jipped.


Doubtful on this hardware version.  First, there’s a licensing issue with the folks that own the patent; it could be pricey.  Plus, I’m not sure if the Live’s chipset will support it.   I think the best we can hope for is “Pass-Through,”  but that will leave people without a DTS-HD AVR out in the cold.

Only time will tell…

I have called, emailed and followed every path I can think of to get them to at least consider pass-through.

Apparently, I’m the ONLY person who wants this option available. Everyone else uses AC3.

All I can hope is that they wake-up or another manufacturer offers it. I know it will come sooner or later. Every time I read a media player review they ALWAYS complain about the lack of audio support when the unit passes it through as DTS only.

Its a shame, I like this box but I have lots off Blu-Ray backups and DTS really doesn’t hold a candle to DTS-HD MA if you have a system that is capable of it.

Oh, I think there are lots of folks who want this – go to the Ideas section (link above) and do a search and I’m sure you’ll find it suggested there (and make sure you vote on it – who knows, maybe it will actually make a difference!).

I’d like it as well – quite frankly, I don’t know why passing through the HD audio would be any kind of rights issue at all, but I don’t understand the mechanics (perhaps it has to be decoded even if it’s just passed through, although that sounds kind of idiotic).

It makes no sense that passing-through (bitstreaming?) audio would invoke any kind of licensing issue.  You’re passing the audio onto a device capable of decoding it (and that presumably has the license to do so).  

Surely you only need the license if you’re going to decode the tracks internally and downmix / manipulate them prior to ouput?

Also, what’s the situation with Dolby TrueHD?  The logo on the box is Dolby Digital, no mention of TrueHD.  I thought WD’s reasoning was that they only had the DTS license (hence the plain DTS logo on the box).

WD need to address this, otherwise it’s going to limit the lifespan of this product.