DTS -> Dolby Digital conversion: Is it possible?

I am wating for my WD TV Live to get home.

I have an old audio system (this is a Bose Lifestyle 8II with only dolby digital and  I’m wating for it to die to buy another system).

Can the WD TV Live convert  the DTS audio format from files containing only DTS to Dolby Digital?

Everytime a DTS signal is out my equiptment stops audio and I have to turn off and on again.

Thanks in advance.


I don’t think so. At best stereo at the moment, I think the DTS license would make the system more expensive.

However, you could alter the DTS tracks to DD5.1 on PC using something like eac3to and even encode in an MKV container with both sound tracks, so currently you play the 5.1 sound on your old system. Then later when you replace you sound system, you will be able to play the DTS.

I am no expert and others on this forum seem to know a LOT more than me, perhaps they can offer better advice.

Well, if I can at least have it in stereo, it will be ok. I tried the program you suggested but it doesn’t accept .mkv to convert the audio, only audio files can be imported. I will keep searching though. Thanks.

You can try oneof these free programs.  It takes around 15minutes to do the conversion but it works great.


Make sure to select dolby 640 to get the max quality out of the sound.