DTS core audio track not extracted from DTS-HD MA audio track

Hey all.

I have a .MKV file that has a DTS-HD MA audio track on it. I use a sound bar for my audio, and it decodes standard DTS and Dolby Digital tracks. However, I am well aware that DTS-HD MA contains a standard DTS core for compatibility. However, when I select “Digital Passthrough Via HDMI only”, I get no sound what so ever! Really strange I think, because I thought my sound bar would extract the lossless core, but it does not. Even stranger? When I select “Digital Passthrough Via Optical only”, I’m still SOMEHOW getting the DTS-HD track, not just DTS! I know DTS-HD can’t be passed via an optical cable, so I thought if I tried bitstreaming the audio from an optical cable, it would be forced to come out as a standard DTS track.

Of course, if I choose to do PCM for a stereo output, that works fine, but that is a last resort compromise for me. I really want to get this to work with surround sound. I am using HDMI for the video and the audio normally. Both are connected via the One Connect Mini box that came with my Samsung, with the audio being sent to the soundbar via an HDMI ARC port on both devices. I also tried connecting the optical cable directly to the sound bar and to the tv and in neither case will I get standard DTS audio from the DTS HD core. Yes, my firmware is up to date.

The unit should allow for DTS-MA to send over the audio track for your receiver sound bar to decode it over HDMI, not Optical.

Does a factory reset address this behavior?