DTS Audio playback over HDMI on Gen 1

Does anyone know if there is a was to get the gen one to play a seperate audio file along with the main title? 

I have a file recoding program that lets me pull out the audio in .mp3, .mp4, audiocopy and one other format that I can’t remember right now.  It seems if it could play a separate audio file I could be saved hours and hours of recoding the whole mkv to move from DTS to a supported audio codec… ::((

I’m tempted to buy the gen 2 to get this feature, but that would make this wdtv essentially a complete waste of money…  boo!

 I agree with you ,hope we have that option in the next update

You should try MKV audio converter it can change the audio for you without having to make a separate file unless you actually want the dts sound then ya you might have to buy a second gen player

which MKV audio converter are you talking about?


most probably;


Princealexi wrote:

which MKV audio converter are you talking about?



DTS on gen1 would be REALLY nice.

I used the program mentioned above to convert the DTS tracks I had in movies to AC3 but ticked the option of keeping the DTS track, Then you use MKVMerge GUI to change the default track to the AC3 track for playback on your Gen 1.

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Followed the link provided in the thread above.

Trojan Horse BackDoor.Hupigon5.AJKL Detected.

I recommend against this one.

this is a false alarm.

check the authors words.

Current version is: v1.80
Release Date: 26 Dec 2009
Download Link: Compressed .EXE, Compressed .ZIP.

Due to the many anti-virus programs not working properly and reporting the compressed .EXE file as various viruses or trojans, I have decided to release an uncompressed version of the program as well. This, however, doesn't support auto-updating, so try the compressed .EXE first and use that one if your anti-virus software is properly coded.

I asked the author about and he said this problem comes from the way the exe is packed.

checked the proggy with many softwares some give false some give positive alarms. 

you re right in doubting about your security. Although I am satisfied about the security in the last 6 months,  I myself run the program in a sandboxed environment.  no problem since…