DSM320 and WD MyBook mp3 streaming glitches

I have two servers and two renderers in my home. One combination does not stream mp3s without stuttering every 15-20 sec

The two servers are Twonky 5.1.2 on a laptop (1.2GHz 1GB Ram) and Twonky 5.1 on WD MyBook World (White Bar 1TB)
The two renderers are PS3 (80GB upgraded to 500GB) and a DSM320 by D-Link

The PS3 can successfully render (playback) mp3 files (any bitrate) without fail from either server. No stutters ever
The DSM-320 can successfully render mp3 files served from the laptop Twonky

The DSM-320 from the WD MyBook Twonky is problematic with most (if not all) mp3 files. It stutters constantly making listening unbearable. (Video is also hopeless)

All components are Cat 5e wired through a D-Link Gigabit Router. (DIR-655)

Does anyone else have this combination? Anyone else seen this problem?

I would like to only have the MyBook Twonky running and turn off the laptop, but right now I cannot.

Thanks to anyone who can suggest a way to diagnose or fix this problem.


Can you post a screen shot?