DS6100 - Software Update AND/OR Clean Install + 3rd ethernet port in use yet?

I was using my DS6100 for around 5 months as stock which was fine except for 1 reason, the “monitor” tab was missing from my dashboard for some strange reason. I was fine with this but I couldn’t update the software and I had an issue with booting it so I just put it down to that.

I recieved a dropbox link for a restore ISO which restored my Sentinel but it still had no monitor tab. I continued use but I have had a couple of issues where one of the OS drives would be “removed” according the log so I removed all the 3.5" drives and did some testing (rebuilt the raid) and contacted WD support again and asked could I back up the OS recovery parition and have the ISO again but they told me the only way to restore my DS6100 was from within Windows.

I did this restore and I have the monitor tab which is great but the update I have wanted so bad will not work!!

Current Version - - I have tried via WEB/USB but it fails.

I have also had some Windows updates fail and then randomly my server was unresponsive yesterday so had to hard power it down, rebooted saying on the LCD drive count 0.

It is back online now thankfully, still not updating though so this leads on to my question :slight_smile:

  1. Can I back up the recovery parition?
  2. Can this run ESXI 6.0 or would you recommned Hyper-V (Xeon is quite a good chip and I used to run ESXI on my previous home server; HP N40L
  3. Clean install - would it be possible to back up the recovery and either do a clean install on the 2 x 320GB HDD and still install all drivers/software needed or even replace the drives with solid states?
  4. The reason I have been trying to update is because when I first looked into this I saw there was a 3rd ethernet port which WD said was for future remote support, that would have been great last week when it died because I RDP into mine, it has ethernet & power only.

Any answers to the above would be much appreciated!!

The ESXI one I could probably take a gamble but I would like to hear results, I have seen threads about the DX versions runnning it and to be honest I think Hyper-V may be easier but that would require a different version of Windows which I have licenses for but not sure if they will work with this as WD told me it has to be upgraded from within the dashboard.

random reply as I am on the road.  I don’t think the 3rd inetrface is available yet.  Server backup backs up the recovery partition I think.  Need to verify when I get home.  There is a wd folder that gets laid down in the recovery.  If you boot to a cmd prompt  after recovery before setup runs you can copy it to a thumb drive and have it.  It has all the wd drivers/stuff but gets deleted during setup after it runs.  I have no clue on exi


Sorry to bump this old thread, but can it be possible to share the recovery ISO for DS6100? I’m helping my uncle who has most probably damaged the recovery partition.

On the other hand, it can theoretically be possible to do a clean install but it would be better to get our hands on the recovery ISO so that necessary drivers & licenses can be dumped.

you have to contact WD for the ISO

I don’t believe WD have the ISO anymore… I still have issues with my machine but just live with it now.

I am tempted to wipe it and do my own clean install but not sure how I would manage with drivers or lack of them.