DS6100 New installation

Hello everyone, I need your help, I just get a Nas Ds6100, which according to the videos on youtube I look great for the use I want to do (installation of a plex server, backup installation of iphone, and see the installation of a jarvis for home automation).

However voila, the ds6100 being without hard disk, I thought to put 4 disk of 3t0 at first for the data space in raid 5, put two disk of 65gb in SSD for the operating system and 16gb of ram.

What do you think of this hardware configuration?

For the operating system what do you recommend?
Windows Server 2k12 R2 or windows server 2k16 knowing that I would not need AD exchange or other …

Do you know where I can find documentation or help to properly configure the system monitoring with the WD software to control the Fan as well as the lcd display?

I think these are the raid drivers

These may be the wd stuff

I would go at least 120gb on the system

If you have both moth of my buddies recommend 2016

Thanks you for you’re response but what is the file in the MARVEL archive named Boot.wim?

I think that is a file I just stuck up there for someone who had a corrupt thumb drive for one of my BBBG boxes. Would not do anything for you

Hi FilipeG,

Do you still have DS6100 model ? I really want to buy one DS6100 for my research project. Please reply to me if you want to sell it.