DS6100 Default bios setup

I need your help … someone could give me the bios setup default parameters of my sentinel DS6100
Thank You in advance

Which one or just press F3 for defaults?


Thank you very much for your help, if it were possible, I would need the complete setup of Advances, Chipset and boot menus.
I’m trying to recover at factory default my sentinel 6100 after changind the broken Hard disk, but the sistem start with a virtuad disk sevice error !!!
so I think probably some bios parameter iswrong

I would do F3 to set to default and I would ignore that msg and hit Yes
It may be because it is a new disc

I say yes, and always returns to this screen…

and you tried F3 to set to defaults. Still looking. Wonder why our screens are different. Though I restarted in repair mode and you are booting from the drive

This is the SATA screen’