DS6100 Dashboard and remote web access issues

I recently restored my DS6100 domain controller to a new warranty replacement unit. Since then I’ve had 2 persistent issues that I need help to resolve. Another issue involving failure of Windows Updates seems to have resolved itself.

Issue #1 - When using the Dashboard, I’m unable to access the “Monitor” tab. Each time I attempt to do so, the Dashboard freezes and I have to use Task Manager to end it.

Issue #2 - Although Remote Web access still allows user login, and directories and files are visible, they are not accessible (even for administrators). Attempts to download returns “file no longer exists” errors.

Any ideas for fixing these issues is appreciated.

I personaly don;t have a clue.  The dashboard/monitor sounds like something did not get backedup/restored properly.  Going to be a WD thing I’m afraid.

2  The servername did not change somehow did it?  Files are still in the same place as before?  No AV on the server?  Are you using IE, if so added the site to trusted sites and running in compatiblity mode?

FWIW the microsoft forum may be better help on this one


thanks, I’ll email WD on issue #1 and check the MS forum on issue #2