DS6100 cannot acces localhost:8845

Hey everyone!

I am a fairly new sys admin and I am having some trouble accessing the WD storage tray.

When I launch this I am presented with the page showing:

This page can’t be displayed

  • Make sure the web address http://localhost:8845 is correct
  • Look for the page with your search engine
  • Refresh the page in a few minutes.

After some dedicated searching online I have found 2 people mentioning that this requires the IIS service and CGI feature to be installed on your server (Currently running Windows Server 2012).

I have gone ahead and done this, but am still encountering the same issue. My network adapter is working correctly, hell in a desperation move I even created a local application exception in my firewall just in case!

I am really lost here as I inherited this issue (among some others) from the previous admin who left zero documentation about anything.

Does anyone here know how to help me with this?

Not sure what the storage tray you are referring to is.
But localhost would be on the server so if you are attempting this from a pc it would fail
more info…

Hey Gramps,

Thanks for responding! :slight_smile:

I have been trying to access the WD RAID storage utility (there is an application on the server labeled StorageTray.exe that attempts to connect the WD RAID storage utility).

I am trying to get this to work on the DS6100 itself rather than a pc, but I keep getting “This page can’t be displayed”.

Is there any more info that I could provide to help with your assistance?

Mine is not turned on and it may not turn on :frowning:
To start with and I may be confusing models, but I think that one when first setup you had a choice to use wd raid or windows disk managment.

If you open the dashboard left hand side is getting started and perhaps more tasks. Setting up the raid cannot be changed but it may show what was selected?

Also in the dashboard there should be a wd tab. If it is wd raid you should be able to launch the raid manager there also.

The unfortunate aspect of this issue is that I never setup this DS6100 and previous admin left zero notes about what configuration they used. It would appear that they didn’t use Windows storage spaces though as storage spaces has no record of ever setting up this disks.

I can only imagine that they used the WD RAID, but I don’t even know if the WD software was even installed correctly. I see some of the WD applications on the server, but attempting to launch them gives me back errors stating they are waiting for software to be installed.

I know we aren’t using the essentials version of Windows 2012, but rather the full version of server 2012 if that helps with anything.

I am at a loss for where to move forward with this, so I really do appreciate you trying to help me like this! :smiley:

I should also put in here that there is no WD Dashboard on this server, sorry it was early when I typing out that last post. There is only the standard Server Manager Dashboard from Windows

That is unless I am looking for it in the wrong place

yea, no clue how you got to where you are as it came with essentials. There was a way to upgrade to server standard and then a way to remove the essentials role, but very few folks ever went that path. A fresh install of standard would be my guess but that is tricky also without the drivers. You can look at these 2 dropbox shares. They may help

FWIW the storage tray exe looks to be in WDSUSetup.exe
most of this is designed to add the wd stuff to the essentials dashboard.
you could consider enabling the role but I have no clue if you are domain joined or what you are actually doing with this box.
In any event it would make sense to back it up with windows server backup before you break it :slight_smile:

Yeah, I am just about as confused as you are in this one.

I appreciate the links, I have already ordered a backup HDD so for this NAS so that I tinker to my hearts content without completely crippling my company, haha. I am going to take what you gave me here and work on it further when I have that backup and will report back after that is done

Thank you so much for you help.

Good deal, keep me posted

Hi Wifi_toaster,

Do you still have the model DS6100 ? I want to buy one used DS6100 for my research project.