DS5100 - feels slow, a bit disappointed for the price

So I purchased a DS5100 for a client, went through the initial steps of getting everything setup i.e. DNS, storage spaces, etc. However, I’ve noticed that for a 8GB Xeon proc box it’s not as fast as I’d hoped. Loggin in takes almost a min, then the dashboard or server manager would take another minute to two even to fully come up. The mouse seems to act erradic too while it’s loading things up. I don’t have any data or clients connecting to it at the moment and it’s on a 1Gbps HP 1410G switch by itself.

Looking at the performance monitor or resource meter it seems it’s the CPU spikes to 100% quite frequently and the OS disk is a bit slow- not the lack of memory. Are there any tips/tricks/settings/services that can be set/unset/installed/uninstalled that might help speeding things up a bit?

Another issue I have is with remote access it complains about the certificate’s subject name mismatch - I created the certificate and the external domain name (xyz.remotewebaccess.com) through the wizard. I guess I’m not sure of the process of how the certificates are used? The exact error message is:

“Your computer can’t connect to the computer because the Remote Desktop Gateway server address requested and the certificate subject name do not match.  contact your network administrator for assistance.”

Lastly, I applied for the WD’s partner reseller account but never heard back from WD…after almost 3 weeks now. Is that typical of WD? This is my first experience buying a small business WD product - outside of buying disk drives.

For the certificate click view certificate and see what is says vs. what is typed in the browser.

If this is remote desktop inside the lan, it normally does not work inside the lan, but should from outside if the 2 match

login and dashboard just take time.  No clue on the reseller program.  But if you don’t hear anything soonish, holler back and I will try to find someone who might know.

Thanks Gramps. Figured out the remote access issue, it was in fact due to the mismatch like you said. For testing I put in an entry in the hosts file on the client PC and was able to connect from within the LAN.  Haven’t tested it from the outside yet but all I need to do for that is to enable port forwarding for 443.

I’d really appreciate it if you could check with your contact on my application for the SelectWD SMB Partner Program as I haven’t heard anything other than the initial automated email that they received the request. Thanks!

Just a quick update on the slowness, it seems that after applying all the 50+ windows updates and removing the DHCP role (decided to let the router do that since the connector software automatically changes the DNS to the Essentials server when it detects it) the server is fairly responsive. Doing some file copy tests (two laptops writing simultaneously over a 1Gbps network (one using CAT5 and CAT5E cables) showed a consistent 50-60MB/s on the server side, not lightning fast but good enough for a small network and not too shabby for a small box with just a 2+1 Storage Spaces RAID5. My network switch is a HP1410G and I have NIC teaming enabled in a active/standby mode which to my surprise works great without any configuration on the switch side. I’m happy again :slight_smile:

Curious how the DX4000 performs as I might get one for my home lab to play with Hyper-V or ESXi. The other option is the venerable NL40 from HP.

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Glad you are happy.

Don’t get the DX as a lab box as it does not have video out so it is alsmost imposible to install anything on it.  It is great for what it does, but not as a lab box.

The N54l is a good lab box or you might consider the new Gen8 microserver.  It has support for drives larger than 2tb, a built in ILO card for basic access and soon will have support for 2012R2

We asked WD to sell “empty” DS boxes and they said no.  Then we asked for a spare if our box dies and never heard back LOL

Ah OK, thanks for the heads up! I didn’t realize the VGA out wasn’t built in. It’s too bad WD won’t sell the DS by itself, it seems to be a good box with hot swap capability as opposed to the HP NLs but the latter is a good bit cheaper too and for a lab setup I don’t need hot swap anyway. For my day job I get to play with real SANs and Cisco UCS anyway :wink:

BTW, are you also the same Gramps with the tractor avatar on the Microsoft forums?

How many Gramps you think there are ?  Yea thats me on one of my tractors down by the pond :slight_smile:

Small world! I know a few Gramps but you’re the only Gramp I know who’s in IT and drives a tractor as opposed to a Tesla lol

I love tractors, my dad had a hobby farm growing up so I learned to drive a Massy Ferguson before I drove any cars. I even have ‘Old tractors and the men who love them’ books :slight_smile: