Dropping of Pogoplug connection to Western Digital N900

I have been using several routers with Pogoplug Pro for years with rock solid connection. I just connected WD router N900 and PP Pro loses connection after a couple of hours… If I power off PP and power on, it gets reconnected ok. Has anyone else encountered this problem? I have also posted this on PP forums.

The problem was really dropping of Internet connection by router.

When there was little or no traffic, did not see any problem.

During a download from youtube, noticed download stopped and that PP lost Internet connection as the green indicator on Pogoplug turned to brown.

But PP showed up in the router web page. Pinged ok.

But found that Internet connection was lost. Tried to cycle both modem and router. Modem cycled ok. 

But router web interface showed no Internet connection and and displayed busy. Have pppoe connection to AT&T DSL.

Replaced N900 with ASUS RT-N66U (with TomatoUSB) (This has worked flawlessly before.) . Powered up. Bingo, connected. Everything working on the network.

So the problem is with Western Digital N900 and not Pogoplug.

Will wait for any further feeback from N900 users.

I have encountered similar issues.

I’ve seen the router crash and not respond via the html interface, usually when attempting to play online games.  Only a hardware reset will get it working again.

My cable modem, whose lights change color based on the speed of the device connected (Fast Ethernet vs. Gigabit) will alternate colors between the two at random intervals, indicating that there is something odd going on with the autosensing of the router’s WAN speed.

Attempting to play Company of Heroes, which requires an online connection to Relic’s authentication servers, results in disconnects after a brief period (a few minutes or less, usually.)  Often I can’t connect at all.

Problems go away when reverting to my older Netgear WNDR3700v2.

Have you noticed if the router is getting hot?

It does not appear to be hot.  It does this connection dropping thing even when freshly plugged in.

Looks like there is a serious bug in the firmware. Let us wait to get feedback from other users.

With a problem like this with a top of the line router,  users may avoid buying it.

Hope WD quickly investigate and fix it.