Dropped our WD wd1600XMS-00

When you plug it in the power light comes on. Windows heres a noise when it recognizes a new device. It says the usb device is not recognized or malfunctioned, unknown device. Any suggestions on how to fix this ourselves?

I am having the exact same problem and any help would be appreciated. Device manager says the drivers are missing for this device but the package when I bought it did not come with any installation cds and the WD website does seem to recognize it even has this model!

WD doesn’t provide drivers or an installation CD, because the drivers are packaged with Windows, built-in.

Generally “unknown device” means that the driver is having issues communicating with the controller, as opposed to a drive fault – usually if the on-board controller can’t communicate with the drive, you get a different kind of error.

I’d suggest re-installing/updating your Windows drivers.