Dropped My passport


I dropped my external HD My passport 1 TB from the table today 0,5 Meter down when I was about to plug the power in to my laptop.


The HD still makes a sound and the light is still flashing, but there is no respons to the HD. 

Can it still be able to work if sent to a repair shop and the transfer the files to another HD?

Just ordered a rugged HD for backup yesterday, and then THIS happens. Why couldn´t it happen after. Hrmf.

Anyone that knows if the HD could be OK if sent to reapair shop?



There’s a big chance of getting the files

the damage could have been minor

But then again and specialist needs to take a look at it

Avoid powering it on again, drives do no fix themselves, but can make matters worse. I sent you a pm with some info.

usually this is the kind of work that needs to be performed on drives that fall and stopped working.

Hi i have same problem as this guy I dropped my passport and it lights up and is going round but i cant find the drive in my computer it has aked me if i want to formatt it which i dont , have you got any more ideas thanks

dropping it is never good :slight_smile: trust me.

but you might have some luck if your drive is not making clicking sounds during spinning. its a risky option, since you expose your drive to run into potentially damaged areas caused by the impact. try downloading tool like R-studio in demo version, and see if you can locate your important files. this tool will allow you to manually select what you want to recover, and not recover the whole drive… make sure to save files on another source and not to the same disk as you recovering.

that being said, if your drive is clicking DO NOT TRY this at all. you will most likely kill the data by running software.