Dropped my External Drive

Recently I dropped my external hard drive. When I plugged it into my computer it made some clicking sounds and the computer was unable to read the drive. Is there anyway that the data is recoverable? I believe the motor is broke within the drive. There is no visible damage to the drive.

thank you

Send the unit in to a data recovery service

(but, make sure you’re sitting down when they quote you the cost)


can i ask why , it is so expensive? Why can’t they motor be replaced?

sure, they can replace a motor … but that’s not the cause.

There obviously is damage inside the drive … if there wasn’t, the drive would not be clicking.

A clicking hard drive is usually a sign of a major mechanical problem and can be related to physical and/or electrical component failures. A physical hard drive failure would be a head crash…where the head actually comes apart and contacts the platter surface. This can lead to extensive damage to the platters and sometimes render the data unrecoverable.

Hi Paparvin,

The hard drive is a very sensitive media device, it has many small internal parts such as head, platters, motors, spindle, actuator etc. and if you dropped the media you could not see which part is damaged in the hard drive? And maybe you have to compromise with your data. So it is advisable do not open your hard drive in the local shop. Choose either authorised customer support centre (in both cases if you have or not) help or third-party trusted data recovery service provider.

Note - Without opening the hard drive, it cannot justify that from where you are getting the noise; it can be from the head, motor etc.