Dropped my Book Essential

Hi All,

Question… I dropped my WD My Book Essential 750gig (yes, major mistake)
The case broke but the HD and the board are still perfect (after soldering back the broken USB, of course)

Windows and smart ware recognized my HD (HD connected to board. board connected with USB tom computer) So no casing. 

Now I did do one thing, I had a password protection (WDsoftware) but of course If traveled around on the internet and it doesn’t matter because its encrypted anyway.

Because It does get recognized if I plug it in but it says my HD is empty and their is no partition. (unallocated)
It also says its unlocked.

How do I get my data back. I don’t think my data is lost.

I’m running  test disk to see if there is data on my HD. (50 percent now)

is there hope to get back all does precious memories (pictures) that irreplaceable music collection, all those documents I have written with a purpose and all those downloaded movies.

Thank you all!


Well since the information is encrypted I’ll recommend you to contact a professional data recovery center. Perhaps they  can extract the information for you.

T9000, you say you had password protection, but elsewhere you say that the drive is unlocked. Does this mean that you were able to answer the password challenge, or does this mean that you have access to your drive’s data area despite the existence of a password ???

I suggest you examine sectors 0 (MBR), 1 (all zeros), and 63 (boot sector) of your drive. You could use DMDE or HxD for this purpose.

HxD - Freeware Hex Editor and Disk Editor:

DMDE (DM Disk Editor and Data Recovery):

What you find will help us determine what went wrong.

Dear fzabkar,

I posted a question recently and you may help me, I guess.

My MBR seems that totally corrupoted. If I have a good one in my hand I may try to patch the MBR.

Here is the post’s link.


Thank you very much in advance.