Dropped my 2TB Mybook Essential, Now it doesn't work?

My 2tb mybook essential was dropped on the floor while running then my wife pulled out the usb without safely disconnecting it.  Now my computer doesn’t recognize the hardrive when i plug in the USB.  The only thing that comes up is the WD Smartware.  The status window of the Smartware says 0% used, Locked “YES”, etc… but i can’t get into my hard drive and it doesn’t appear to have any of my previous saved movies and pics?  On the WD Smartware scree it states “No writable WD Smarware Partition Found” under the hardrive icon.  Does anyone know if that’s normal or jacked up?  Why did it dump all my stuff?  Can i fix this?

Most likely something inside has been disconnected or while it was dropped the hard drive inside got messed up. Those hard drives are not meant to be dropped and it could be that. 

When did you get it?

hey, most probably your hard drive is spoilt… coz you dropped it…however did you enable a password for your HD? coz based on your description, its being locked and that you need to run the unlocker to unlock it…try that since smehw smartware cn still detect a hard drive bt not the files in it…