Dropped IP

I’ve noticed if I leave my WD TV Live Hub on for the day that it loses it’s IP.  The only way to restore is to unplug it and then plug it back in again and turn it on.  There’s no problem acquiring an IP.  If I turn it on and off before/after watching shows everything is fine.  The problem only occurs when the appliance is on for long periods.  I assigned a static IP to see if that would resolve the issue but no luck.

It’s particularly annoying because I like to leave the WD TV on so that I can add files to it throughout the day.  Has anyone else experienced this?  Is this a known issue?

No, that’s not a known issue.

FIrst, how do you know it’s LOSING its IP?   If you go to the NETWORK SETUP, does it actually all go back to or something?   Or was it one of those 169.254.x.x addresses?

If it’s the latter, it might be that your DHCP server isn’t renewing the lease, and the Hub tries to get a new one and it won’t respond.

You’re right.  The way I described the issue isn’t as detailed as I should’ve described it.  When I go into the network setup it has a 169.254.x.x address with no netmask, default gateway or DNS.  In order to try and resolve it I gave it a static IP, default gateway, netmask and DNS but still the same issue.  I unplug and then it works again.  A better description is that the network connection.

I’m a network engineer and I have a big network in my home.  I have 10+ computers in my office and around the home, a ton of IP enabled devices throughout our home(HTPC, IP camera).  This is the first and only issue I’ve ever had with DHCP renewal.  Setting the static IP should bypas the issue.  When I do a network test it passes the first test and fails the second two.  A lot of times when I do the test it freezes up and I have to unplug it.  If it’s a DHCP issue why does it lose its lease after such a brief time?  If I assign a static IP why does it still fail the tests?  It’s an odd issue.