Dropped hdd - swapped heads - doesn’t work

Hello: I must have posted in the wrong place. - I have a situation - I knocked a Dell SFF over & the 2TB hard drive stopped working - It was a recertified 2TB hdd (WD2001FASS). I found a similar drive with the same heads (HARCNV2AA - replacement is HARCNV2AAB) & LBA information & swapped the heads. The head swap worked but the drive didn’t so I put everything from the donor drive including the PCB in the failed drive keeping the old platters (don’t see any damage on them). Now the o/s sees the drive (WD2003FYYS) but not the firmware info - (s/n. heads, sectors, etc) I’m thinking the heads aren’t aligned or the eeprom isn’t being seen. This is my 1st attempt going into a hdd but I’ve replaced so many for one reason or another its worth the time to learn what I can, Plus I still have a number of TB drives I’d like to see if I can repair and don’t want to spend hundreds of $$ on them - its easier to just pick up a used drive on the Internet. Am I close to being right? Besides going into the drive what did I do wrong? and How do I get the o/s to see & read the drive? Thanks…

I can only recall one particular board member quite well-versed in hard drive repairing. However, he has been inactive for awhile now. Hopefully other Users will be able to assist.

Thanks for the response -