Dropped external, damaged converter board

as per the title, i knocked my 1tb external off a cabinet, and the outer casing broke apart, and damaged the plug for the data cable from usb to the external… i know the drive still works, but unfortunately due to WD way of data transfer between an external and pc, windows 7 is unable to read any information on the drive though the bios does reconize it.

my problem is i’ve tried searching ebay and other sources for parts for the external. to try and replace the damaged part

does WD or else where sell spare parts. the part i need is the board that connects to the hdd inside the plastic case of the external.

No WD doesn’t sell the boards. If the drive came with Smartware it is hardware encrypted. This link explains a bit about the boards  http://community.wd.com/t5/Off-Topic-Discussions/Bridge-Boards/td-p/353839 The drive could also have physical damage to the platters.