Dropbox will stop synchronising

I have a Mycloud Single Drive 8 GB (hw 2.30.196) where I have located my dropbox. Now dropbox informs that they will stop synchronising my dropbox it I don´t upgrade my file system. The file system needs to support extended attributes. How do I do that? Or do I really need to do that to make my dropbox work again?

Best regards Ole

the single bay my cloud does not support third party apps so how exactly are you syncing your dropbox to the my cloud? do you have dropbox mapped or pointed to the my cloud instead of your computer?

The my cloud uses the linux ext4 file system and always has so i doubt there is any plans to change the file system it uses.

Can you post a link to the error you are getting or whatever message dropbox sent? It would be helpful to see what extended attributes are now mandatory.

Hi again,

You are right. I use my computer to do the syncing, but the dropbox folder is located on the Mycloud.
This is the link where dropbox explains why: https://www.dropbox.com/help/desktop-web/cant-establish-secure-connection#location

I have also found info on dropbox´ own forums:

In the last link, dropbox says that ext4 still is supported for linux, so this doesn´t give clarity to me, but I´m not a software expert …

the my cloud uses ext4 so it should be a supported file system according to the post by Jay from dropbox. Maybe since this is a NAS and not a full linux machine dropbox is incorrectly showing the notification. At any rate I would suggest contacting dropbox support as the file system on the my cloud cannot be changed and according to their post should be supported.

Thanks for informing. I hope you are right. I will check with dropbox.


What is the operating system of the computer the drop box software is installed on? Drop Box has a section that explains certain warnings on the Note for desktop app section in the following Drop Box system requirements page.

My computer is running Sierra (10.12.6). I don´t think it´s possible for a iMac (2010) to upgrade to newer OS.

Per the Dropbox link…

**Mac** : Mac: OS X Mavericks (10.9) up to macOS Mojave (10.14)

* The Dropbox folder will need to be on an HFS+ or APFS-formatted hard drive
* The latest version of the Dropbox desktop app is required
* You may have a [different experience if you’re running macOS Sierra](https://www.dropbox.com/help/desktop-web/mac-osx-sierra-compatibility)