Dropbox, want to sync more than 1 Share?

I happily use Dropbox App to sync 1 of my Shares but i wish to back up 2 of them.

I could reconfigure the Share to include all the data from the second share but this seems a waste of time.

Is there a way to include more than 1 share in the synchronization?


Hi there,

I believe you can only sync one folder, but lets see if another user can share some tips or information on this matter

I had a reply from a ticket i raised. The tech guy tested my question in the lab and confirmed we cannot do more than 1 share. it was possible to do no 1 then do no 2 but the Dropbox files were duplicated and then synced down again.

Bottom line is don’t do it as it is not suitable.

At least we know.

I have now piled all my data into a single share and synchronize the one share with Dropbox. job done.