DropBox update available - how to update


As mentioned in this link DropBox update available a new update for an app (Dropbox) on the My Cloud units is available.

Can you please advise towards a support page on how to perform this update, preferably using the MyCloud UI?
If this update procedure manages to retain the existing confguration, it would be great.

Thank you in advance.

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+1. I can’t find this download anywhere. The dropbox app on the support site is an older version (v1.08). Does anyone know where to get v2?

You need to navigate to the app section. its not manual install. Its an update directly just need to click on the update button on the right. Once you navigate you will see

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Ah, I see it now. thank you!

Hi there,

I totally agree with you there is an icon to the right of the Dropbox label in the apps section.
The problem is no matter which browser I use, the icon click does not yield to an action other than opening the Dropbox section.

Do you think I should debug the UI?

Thank you for your help.

Did you try rebooting and try again.
it should work with ease

Make sure you disable your ad blocker too. I think I may have missed the notice the first time due to ublock.

Nope, restarting did nothing.
Adblocking might be a cause if it’s installed but buggy webpages are at fault in 99% of the cases.

Seriously considering uninstalling DropBox app.
Sometimes you need to go into damage-control mode with Western Digital and cut the losses.

try edge browser it might work. Even a mobile app. It might work. As mobile browser also work well.