Dropbox Teams Folder Sync

We’ve been using the dropbox app for about a year for cloud backup and file syncing using an individual account as I was the only one working remotely and everyone else was direct connected to the NAS in the office. We recently had an employee get COVID and needs to work remotely so we upgraded to a dropbox teams account.

The app is reflecting the additional storage but is still only syncing with my personal dropbox folder and not the team folder. There’s no team folder available under selective sync and the app is showing “up to date”.

I hope it’s not the case but do I need to unlink and re-link my dropbox account to get access? Or is there something I’m missing?



Please refer to the following KB article: My Cloud Dropbox App is Not Syncing or Stopped Syncing

Hi Neha_07,

As I stated in my post, dropbox is syncing just fine (though we periodically have to turn off the app and back on again) with my personal dropbox folder. I’m just not seeing a method for directing it to sync our dropbox teams folder.