Dropbox Support - "Under Development"?

When I tried using the recently added Dropbox support I receive the following banner at the top of my Dropbox page after performing the API login from the EX4 management console and nothing else happens on the EX4:

Only a limited set of users can receive access tokens while this app is in development mode

Apparentlythere are no more access tokens.  WD?


I recommend you contact support directly.

General Phone Support

I have exactly the same issue. As I understand it the issue is occuring because the embedded API key for the Dropbox app that Western Digital is using with the EX4 is still marked as ‘in development’ within Dropbox. This status is only for app testing and limits the total number of app users able to connect to Dropbox. Western Digital will need to apply to Dropbox for production status for the app, which will remove the limits on the API key.