Dropbox not recognized

I just installed WD Sodtware 2.4.4 and my dropbox is no longer recognized by the backup software.  When I click on Dropbox, then settings, it doesn’t show my current Dropbox account.  When I click on Select Account, it thinks for a little bit and does nothing.  I NEED THIS FEATURE!!!

I have WD Smartware PRO 2.4.4 and I use Windows 7


Try uninstalling and reinstalling WD Smartware. If this issue remains then contact WD support for assistance.

Contact WD

I re-installed the new version and the same thing happens:  I still can’t access Dropbox!!

Yes, us too! All 3 of our computers can’t access DropBox as it will not authenticate the user name or login. We have opened a support Case Ref Number : [Deleted - Privacy].

This morning, I tried to access Dropbox and IT WORKED!!!  Don’t know what happened!  It could have been a problem on the Dropbox side.

I had to sign-in again and redefine the backup settings I wanted but at least it now works.