Dropbox app not working if admin username is not admin

As mentioned (but unreplied) in this thread:

This originally appeared with my MyCloud Mirror on FW 1.x but is still present in 2.10.302 as follows:

If the username of the admin user is not admin (in fact I selected my first name during initial setup) the authentication to Dropbox does not work. It just returns to the dashboard as if the authentication was not yet started.

Only if I change my username to “admin” in the dashboard usermanagement and try again, it will work flawless.

This bug should be easily reproducible so I hope it gets solved with the next firmware if possible.


Thanks for sharing this with the community, you can actually suggest this on the ideas boards, hopefully other users with the same issue can try this. Here is a link to the ideas board, you can verify if this has already been suggested an vote it up too:


The link you provided does not seem to work.
Can you please forward this bug report?


Hi there,

it was my mistake i had put an incomplete link there, here is the entire link: