DropBox App doesn't work on brand new WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra

Hi guys,

I just installed my brand new WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra and installed the DropBox-App.

Having a local backup of my drops-folder was the whole point of buying a WD NAS in the first place.

But it doesn’t work!

1.) I installed the app via mycloud web interface. couldn’t connect the app to my DB-account.
2.) after consulting the WD-community-forum I found out that I have to keep my username to “admin”. (WTF??)
3.) I now could connect the app, a dropBox-folder was created within the “Public”-folder (is that where it belongs?)
4.) it doesn’t sync. in the settings panel it says: “sync stopped”. I hit the button “synchronize” but it won’t change it’s status, but flips back to “sync stopped”. On my DropBox-page it doesn’t list the WD NAS under “connected devices”.

Now what?

Edit eight hours later:
i.) the name of your cycloid account has to be “admin” to be able to connect the DropBox app on the WD NAS with the DropBox account.
ii.) even then I had to re-install the app several times to finally really connect to DropBox.
iii.) it starts to sync. sloooooowwwllyyyyyyyy.
iiii.) it messes up the folder organization. luckily only on the NAS.
iiiii.) it stops sync without any further notice or explanation.

I’ll bring it back to the store. That’s ridiculous. Everywhere I look for a fix I only find the same explanations: it doesn’t work and probably never did and WD doesn’t care.

Look elsewhere for a good solution. This is hopeless.

Hi wogo,

You can refer the link mentioned below to resolve the Dropbox Not Syncing issue as the Dropbox App may contain some type of corruption that is preventing the Dropbox app from syncing, have special characters, unsupported file names or there may be a communication issues within the dropbox API.


Hi James,

frankly, this is not helpful.

WD promotes the DropBox functionality.

It doesn’t say „works with DropBox, restrictions apply“.

I will give back the NAS.

I have had major headaches with the Dropbox app as well, spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to make it work consistently.

I have done every step of that Dropbox Not Syncing page without identifying why the app won’t work. For me, it just gets stuck on “Sync Paused” until I reboot the NAS, at which point the app will start syncing for a while again.

This is just stupid. WD advertises the Dropbox Sync as a feature. But it doesn’t work properly and never will as DB knowledge base will tell you if you (me) insist to research.
bring it back to the shop and get the refund.

Gave it back today. At that moment WD customer happiness research asked me to value my experience… Haha.