Dropbox and My Book Live NAS

Does anybody use Dropbox with their My Book Live NAS here? Everytime I reboot my iMac, Dropbox can’t find the folder on my NAS. I have to manually point Dropbox to the folder on the NAS and perform the setup process everytime. Do others have this issue?

I posted this question on the dropbox forum and this is the reply I got:

Your setup is not supported by Dropbox, as there are multiple drawbacks to having the folder on network attached storage filesystems - what is likely to be happening here is the NAS isn’t becoming available until after Dropbox is started, which makes Dropbox think there is no Dropbox Flder. This is probably either because it takes some time to find the NAS (if you are using netbios names) or Dropbox is starting prior to networking being fully up and running (connection to wifi, dhcp etc).

I think networking would be fully up and running well before Dropbox was done launching. Any ideas? Thanks!

Seem like the explanation that you got from the Dropbox forum is a good one. I would safe the Dropbox folder on the PC hard drive. 

There are applications out there that will automatically map a drive letter to a remote upload service.  

I.E.   Gladinet for one, but there are others.