Drobo and Red Drives

Hi Everyone

I bought a Drobo 5D less than a year ago and some weeks ago the Drobo started rebooting by itself .

I open a ticket with Drobe and after an long troubleshooting and an RMA they say 3 out of the 5 WD drives have failed (!) and need to clone one of them.

Since I never saw such a failure rate before, whats your view on this and recomendation?


Did the enclosure failed as well?

Please make sure to contact support so they can verify what happened to the drives and replace the drives.


We did na RMA for the unit but the problem persisted.

It looks to me that it’s a SW problem from Drobo side but they aren’t assuming.

I tested the drives individually and was able to clone them without any problems.

I opened a ticket also with WD but no response so far.