Drives that unmont themselfs


I have two Mac, a MBP (1) and a Mini (2).

On both i have externals WD Drives, a My Book Essentials 3 To (USB 3.0) for the (1), using a Hub Belkin, and an Elements Desktop 3 To (USB 2.0) for the(2).

Both are brand news and on both i have the same problem, or it looks like, they anmount themself. For the (2). For the (2), it even happens while transfering files from the (1) to (2) using home WiFi.

I don’t think it’s the Hub, i have the same problem with the drive directly plugged to the (1). I don’t think it’s the USB cable, not on both computers.

Does anyone have such a problem ?

No one ? I’m the only one guy with such a problem ?


Try testing the drives on Disk Utility 

The Hub is not recommended and make sure the drives are connected to the wall outlet 

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I have of course already tried the OS X disk utility, first test, then a software like Techtool Pro, nothing.

The hub may not be recommanded, i understand, but i have tested without, nothing. The drive connected to the hub is the My Book Essential, i may found the solution using the smartware utility, i switched of standy by originally to 30 mn.

I hope it will work. For the Elements desktop there is no smartware …


Any ideas ?

View this post in the Apple Support Communities.

Basically some manufacturers, like WD, skimp on casings and connections:

No wonder I have had 2 external drive fail on me - and I thought it was bad luck.

Thanks for your answer, so you think ithat WD is not selling drives fullly compatibles with Macs ?

Bad luck for me, i have two 3 To Elements Desktop, one has the problem & i’m waiting for a brand new, and one 3 To My Book Essentials, an exchange for a bad 3 To Elements Desktop.

For this last one, funny thing is, the support send me this in exchange but took 6 month to admit it was not a Elements Desktop, as stocks are low they prefer to sell them instead of …

Is there WD guy around ?

Look at my post from mhnwd I have had three die in recent months, one died after one week of use. Mike

Shame :confounded: