Drives quite hot

This [Deleted] and [Deleted] are quite hot [Deleted] is hot [Deleted]  not as hot All are warmer than CPU.

Trying to find information on temps, and what could be done about it, I’ve had these drives for 3 years + a few months.

They are all hotter than any other drive I own and remind me of temps of my old 10k/15k rpm drives.

The system drive

/dev/sda1: WDC WD400JB-00JJC0                      �: 42°C

These drives are in a raid, currently idle(and should be cooling being the green 5400rpm drivea)

/dev/sdb1: WL1000GSA1672                           �:  49°C or °F

/dev/sdc1: WL1000GSA1672                           �:  51°C or °F

/dev/sdd1: WL1000GSA1672                              �:  47°C or °F

/dev/sde1: WL1000GSA1672                           �:  43°C or °F

It is normal for a 10,000 RPM Serial ATA or SCSI drive to be hot when it is in operation. The reason is because the drive is rotating at an extremely fast rate, 10,000 rotations per minute. For example, while in operation, the temperature of a 10,000 RPM drive will be hotter than a 7200 RPM or 5400 RPM drive which rotates at a slower speed. Overheating can cause damage to a hard drive. Make sure that your system has adequate cooling fans.

except these are the WD green drives, which are 5400 RPM, and they are a lot hotter than the 7200 drives in the same case.

if the green drives are older versions they heat a little more

Many platters = hotter temperature

They are not Western Digital drives and they are not Green drives either.

They are White Label 1TB drives running at 7200 rpm, 16mb cache, SATA II.
The label on them says Mediamax and they are shipped in a bag in bulk.

No where on the label does it say anything about it being a green drive.

Lots of them have been sold new on ebay for about $60 new.

This is what i am seeing based on your model number(s)

If yours is not green drive it most likely would run very differently than a Green drive.

which would for sure run hotter than a Green… The green’s have a dynamic speed i believe but usually stay at close to 5500rpm i think. (WD is NOT telling too much on the speed’s on them lol)

I have a 7200rpm Black that replaced my Green and the black is hotter and noisier but rock solid performance wise (outperforms the Green)

my standard designed ATX case as most do have an intake at the front lower area.

mine has 4 80mm slots but holes for a 110mm to install inbetween centered in that spot.

so i installed one and modified the voltage / molex cable to give it 7 volts and it runs quiet

and keeps my drive a lot cooler. i have spent years doing experiments trying to get my temps down

and i will use ANYTHING material wise to get he job done. for example i have dropped 10 degrees

on my CPU by cutting up a 2L pop bottle and creating a coolair intake for it. Works awesome !

That is 1 small thing i have tons of fans that i add or remove and do experiments on and off depending

on what i want in the case i may change things up etc.

So do your self a favor and get case modding or even buy some… look at Tigerdirect or newegg etc

for premade case mod stuff.

Anyway my Black 1TB runs at about 35 degrees celcius (37 when i’m maxing our the cpu video encoding, like i’m doing right now)

Just get creative and try some stuff out to get your temps down. I got all kinds of stuff like voltage meters multiple wired heat probes, lots of materials etc but i found one of the most usefull is a piece of sewing thread that you can dangle around openings to see air flow (sucking or blowing etc)

this is a google cache page of the ebay drive i seen that matchs your model number…

Hello mate,

The models numbers do not match green drives model number, you need to provide the correct model number to assist you better.