Drives for the DX4000 - BEWARE

I purchased the WDC DX4000 unit at the end of March 2012. Went through the steps to setup the unit with its two 2.0TB hard drives. Everything is successfully installed.

The device sits on my Windows 7 workgroup, is accessible by each win7 computer, and from the Internet via RWA. it has a Microsoft provided  Domain name and SSL, certificates all work fine. the Dashboard is accessed by each computer on the network.

Thanks to the comments and information on this forum the unit is a great success.

Now the failure. I wanted to expand the capacity. From the information on the forum, the Administrator manual and the install guide and the WDC website I determined the additional disk model is WD2002FYPS. ($500.00 each as listed on

So I ordered two disks. When inserted the LCD gives the message Invalid drive. (PHOOEY!!!)

WD Support - level 2 says my new drives are NOT the correct model. The correct model number is WD2002FYPS-02W3B01 or WD2002FYPS-02W3B1

WD support level 2 is sorry for the mix up.


That is sad.  I see where you can buy them for 239

No clue what is on the end though.  You would think a black drive would work.

Let me go try something :slight_smile:

Well I was curious if you could use them in a USB dock and then use the move folder wiz, but it does not allow folders on USB drives.

Better yet though, you can use them in a dock for Windows Server Backup as long as you keep the Box at 2tb.

Noticed WD sells the drives for $269, delivered.  I just bought one an hour ago as a back-up as most other people are back ordered.  Got to it through the DX4000 accessories tab so it better be the right one.  They called a DX4000 expansion kit.

Yea, someone showed me the link yesterday.  I could not find it.  That is a fair price I think.  And you have to keep in mund that drives less than enterprise, for example “green” drives are not rated for raid 5, and aparently not all “black” drives are.

Anyway’s this the link at WD Store for the drives.


Regarding the scenario you are in, when you bought the new drives (assuming you finally managed to get it installed etc.) did you need to go back and rebuild the RAID?

I also bought a new DX4000. It comes initially as 4TB as you might know and RAID 1 (or 0 I think…).Now I wanted to see if I need to increase it to 8TB and convert to RAID 5, then as part of the process, do I need to reformat the drive in order to covert to RAID 5. I know this is the case with Sharespace, but with this one, I am not sure.

It does everything automagically for you

Gramps, Hello.

I was wondering if you could help me.  I am in the market to purchase two (2) NAS devices for my SOHO.  The more research I do, the more complex the decision becomes!  Nearly three-years ago I had a Netgear NAS.  After playing with the Linux OS for two-weeks, and allowing Netgear to port in, and still not getting it to work, I returned it. 

This time, I am trying to convince myself to go with the WD DX4000 6tb Server.  I like the fact that it is based on a stable OS, one which I know and use daily (now Server 2012).  However, emailing questions to WD, then waiting three-days for a reply is simply not cutting it.  So:

Can you tell me; 1) Within the 6Tb DX, would I be correct to assume that there are at least three-2Tb drives?  I read where the DX will automatically configure RAID-5. …Hence the assumptions or a min of three drives.  2) Does it come equipped with  WD enterprise-quality drives, or perhaps their new 'Red" drives?

Thank you, in advance for your assistance.

the 6tb box will have two 3tb drives in a raid 1 giving you ~3tb of useable space.

They are true black enterprise drives

Thank you for responding so quickly.  I am glad to hear that the drives used are of enterprise quality.

I am aware of the pros and cons of RAID 1 and 5 (the only two the Sentinel configures for).  Since, like many, my data is much more valuable than the $$ of  HD, I would prefer the option to select a different RAID version.  However, the combination of a familiar (somewhat reliable) OS, vs., Linux-based OS, and HD quality may be enough to stay with the Sentinel.

While no RAID version is a replacement for backups, I was wondering how you would recommend backing-up the Sentinel.  I assume and external HD is preferable.  Not sure if the DX being headless is that much of an issue as is the software used to actually backup the server.  Do you use a WD provide pre-installed backup software utility (if applicable), use Windows Server backup, or another package like Acronis True Image?

Again, thank you for the guidance.

Windows Server Backup is limited to 2tb (A limitation of Server 2008R2)  So I suggest the WD 4tb version which gives you 2tb of  backup-able storage.

Large data like videos, pics, whatever, normally does not change.  Could be copied to an external drive to be put in a safe place.

Email, databases/Quickbooks, etc, stuff that changes nee3ds to be backed up with a backup product like Windows Server Backup which offer a calendar to restore from.  SO get a copy of the database before it got corupt.  A copy if a file on another disc does not help if it is bad also.

If you get say the 6tb box then you may need 2 and use something like cloudberrylabs to dupplicate to the second box.  WD includes/has available some add-in as well but it is ~ 15$ a month to copy to your own netwrok share.