Drives flash continuously

I have been copying data to my drive. The files have finished copying, but the drive lights are still flashing. This happend before and only stoped after I happend to  remove one of the shares. Even after rebooting the drive, it came back up flashing. What could be causing this? Thanks. 

Clicking around I see that a process named ‘wdmcserver’ is taking between 80% and 90% of my CPU. I just re-booted again and i’m not doing anything with the drive. What is this about?

OK, I want to disable all of that drive analyzing media **bleep**. How do I do it? Or i’m sending this back. 

All of the posts saying it’s been fixed are from over a year ago. Why am I expierencing this?

You can disable the media server and related/connected services under Settings > Media > Turn off the slider for media streaming.

The wdmcserver is building thumbnails.  It creates “.wdmc” directories with the thumbnail inside.

You can see what it is doing by looking at  /var/log/wdmcserver.log

" /etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop" will stop the process and give your drives a rest.  The process will restart on a reboot.

@ Trancer I have media srteaming of and it continues to do this. 

@skiwi Where/how do I enter " /etc/init.d/wdmcserverd stop" to disable the service?

via an SSH session to the unit. do a search of this forum if you don’t know how to do this.