Drives Accessible

WD External My Passport Drives X 2. Both Hard Wired. Running WD Software.

How come, when my machine crashes for whatever reason, on rebooting, both my External WD drives are available and accessible without having to use my Password.
This really isn’t how I would expect a protected drive to be.
Perhaps I haven’t found the bit to make it so?
Please help.

Hi grayuk,

Did you check the Auto Unlock option while configuring the WD Security in My Passport drive?

Here, Auto Unlock feature allows to auto unlock the device when the device is connected to the computer with the same user account logged in with which the feature was enabled.

Auto Unlock is not Ticked.
To clarify, if I shut down my computer, Passwords are needed on re-boot.
But not after a crash.

Hi grayuk,

Did you check after reinstalling of latest version of WD Security(v2.0.0.48)? If yes, then you should contact WD’s Technical Support Team in this concern.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The link below will allow you to call support.