Drivers for WD My Book World Edition II in Windows 10

Hi all

I have the WD My Book World Edition II, however it doesn’t seem to want to play with Windows 10. It shows up in Devices, but in Device Manager it has a yellow triangle with an exclamation on it.

Looks like a driver issue and the Microsoft Community says WD has no plans to update the drivers?

Anyone know of a fix or work around?

At the time of this post no official drivers from WD are available. The protocols used by the unit may not be supported by Windows 10.

Are you able to manually map it or access it via a virtual machine?

Thanks for your reply Trancer. I can access the folder via using the Run command with the IP address, but a bit of a nuisance.

This means your unit is actually working with Windows 10 using standard networking protocols (SMB).

You can map your share after you access your unit with the method you are using. Right-click on a share (Like “Public”, for example) and Windows will give you the option to map it. This in turn will create a link that will be displayed in the Computer section.

Now get an error in Windows 10 from 1709 onwards (Fall Creators Update):

“You can’t connect to the file share because it’s not secure. This share requires the obsolete SMB1 protocol, which is unsafe and could expose your system to attached. You system requires SMB2 or higher. For more info on resolving this issue, see:

Looks like SMB1 is no longer installed by default but can be installed manually.

WD need to update the firmware!

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Not sure if enabling SMB1 will correct the problem (same as you were responding to) but wanted to thank you for the link. Very clear and easy to follow.

guys… i just got this from my Uncle, it is 10 years old. is there any way u can access the files from external network & iphone?
Currently i just use it as FTP within my network…